I like cinema. Do you? Every week I try to go and wach a new movie. Mostly are comedies, history, action with intrigue, musical or romantic.

One day I invited to my brother to watch a documental about a well known pop-rock star. Two month before, I got the tickets online to make sure that I would not lost the opportunity to watch it, because the movie will be only two days on theatres.

The day arrived! My brother and I were very exited! It was really strange because the room only had 4 more spectateurs. We thought the reason could be because it was Thursday.

When the film started, I saw a very and unusual beginning. It was a documental about Castellers (Human Towers), a  centenary, cultural and local Catalonian tradition. We thought: not bad! interesting because is our identity.

5 minutes…. 10 minutes… 15 minutes…. “This is really nice, but when is going to start the “pop-rock star” movie?” 20 minutes…. I told to my brother: “I´m going to ask at the ticket office when is going to start our rock film!”.

My face was paralized when the lady told me: “Your pop-rock star movie premiere is for next week”…. What? MG!! My brother started to laugh, and we decided to meet again on next week.

But, while I was walking back home. I reviewed in my mind again and again all the images that I saw about Castellers. Sudentlly I thought: I need to learn more about Castellers!