If do you search something online, you will find lot of information. I decided to search all about Castellers and localised where they practice and  do rehearsals. I started a big investigation, making a profound site inspection, doing enterviews with the castellers members, and finally I find what looking for a long time: a new experience beyond Barcelona!.

We arrived to compromise that the foreing visiteurs are focused in learn about our cultural and tradition, with the maximum respect to preserve our history.

Nowadays we received families, seniors, individidual travelers and groups from US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, etc. They enjoy the visit because it is done in a very friendly ambiance and very calm. The castellers are proud to share their passion with visiteurs: create human castles.

If do you have the chance to visit Barcelona, before your arrival check out our TESTIMONIALS and be the next visitor. Are you geared up for experience it?