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Castellers de Molins de Rei


20 min. from Barcelona
Up 2 people confirmed
Wednesday 8 pm at 10.30 pm

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Molins de Rei (25 min. from Barcelona) Our training sessions are done in a historical and great modernist building which was completely remodeled and is now a Cultural Spaice.

The building where we rehearse, designed by the great modernist architect César Martinell from Valls, was opened in 1922. It was originally the headquarters of the Local Federation of Workers Societies from Molins de Rei, founded in 1915. The objectives of the Association were the union of progressive workers around principles such as education, solidarity, work and justice. In addition, persons affiliated enjoyed a mutual support system.

After the Spanish Civil War the building was confiscated by the Franco dictatorship. It was not until December 1997, after many disputes and in accordance with the heirs of that first Workers Association, that the building returned to the people represented in the figure of the City Council, which agreed to give it a social use.

“Molins” in Catalan language means Mills. Before the existence of those Mills we could found ancient texts were this area of the Llobregat river was named “Vila de Matoses”, it was named this way for the predominant vegetation (“Matossar” is the catalan word for thicket). We are “MATOSSERS” from the “matossar” (THICKETERS!!??).

Our shirt, brown like the clay, evokes the colour of the stone from the 15 arches bridge, a distinctly local landmark, which until 1971 connected the two banks of the Llobregat in Molins de Rei.

A bridge is a symbol in itself because it facilitates the passage of people, wherever they come from.

Thus, with a single element, the colour of our shirt, we represent two apparent opposite ideas: be proud of our roots, but also our open mind and inclusive character. In our group you can find people of all ages and not just from Molins de Rei, also from many other towns and cities.

PRICE per person :

ADULT …………………. 45 €*

KIDS 5 to 12 years …………….. 35 € *

KIDS less than 5 years …….. FREE *

(* Transportation NOT INCLUDED)

Location : 48th, Jacint Verdaguer Street – in Molins de Rei city