Go Beyond Barcelona

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Beneath the traditional theme of “Strength, Balance, Courage & Wisdom”…“Els Castellers”, the pure and genuine expression of Catalonian culture, is reflected in the construction of “Human Towers”, of up to as many as 10 levels high. Catalonia’s unique calling card to the world. Contemplating a “Castellers”’ presentation, better yet, participating in this singular experience, permits the observer to understand the struggle to surmount both individually and collectively, the forces to achieve an objective, the solidarity and the inclusion of all people… of all ages, conditions and capacity, beneath the same project. For all members, afondness wich moves their passion, pride and challenge of teamwork.

Welcome to “go Beyond Barcelona”. My name is Bea and I am delighted to present my new experience: Live and Feel a Casteller’s Rehearsal. Els Castellers are one of the most intense and historical cultural traditions in Catalonia. They are opening for the first time their spaces, to participate in one of the most unbelievable experiences. You will be kindly welcomed to their Rehearsal location. Their people are going to make you feel part of this amazing activity. You will be surrounded by all ages’ members of la colla, organizing the breathtaking human towers. Get here your rehearsal